Personal Work

Personal illustrations, studies, and paintings.

Cry Bird / Sigh Bird

Personal project on a love of birds.
Watercolor and Gouache painting. 
18"x 24" on Arches 90lb hotpress.



Risograph Thank You Card

Adobe Photoshop and Risograph printing in honor of the retirement of my Illustration mentors. 

Minnesota Bird Paintings

A series of Minnesota birds, painting in acrylic on solid wood pieces or trunk slices.

Golden Chubs: Stickers

Marker and india ink traditionally made stickers, translated into Adobe Illustrator to recreate them for mass production.

Take Care

An illustration study to explore creating interiors in monochromatic colors.
Acrylic paint on board.

Siren + Phoenix 

Two photoshop portraits, one focusing on the topic of women's rage, and the other on renewal.
Adobe Photoshop.